Private Sessions

Private Sessions with Chris James - trust in your expression

Expression in the World
Developing trust in your expression is a wonderful journey to embark on. The way we express reflects how we are in the world and how the world ‘speaks’ back to us. Often we can find it easier to express in some situations and more difficult in others. As we deepen self awareness and self presence, clarity in self expression reveals itself and we find ourselves naturally speaking up and expressing what is needed in these situations. When fear of self-expression goes joy naturally takes its place. All it takes is letting go of what we are not, and leaping off what we thought was a tall mountain top… to discover it was just a simple step.

Sing With Your Heart
You were born with a beautiful voice and it is wonderful to rediscover how lovely it is to sing. Freeing up your natural singing voice is just the tip of the iceberg as you joyfully embrace more of yourself. From heart born sound comes the strength and beauty of the inner you. Discovering that you WERE born with a beautiful voice and exploring and experiencing this is empowering, joyful and lots of fun.

Your Musical Instrument
Do you feel that you would love to pick up an instrument that you had tucked away in the closet long ago? Are you already playing a musical instrument and would like to bring new depths of awareness to this relationship?
Reconnecting to the way you play your musical instrument can be a transforming experience. Releasing and reconfiguring any patterns, pressures or reactions instilled from our past musical experiences or training is wonderfully liberating and a step towards the freedom of returning to expressing simply, joyfully and naturally from the heart.

To Make a Booking

Private Sessions are available by Skype, or in person at Chris' Innermost Sound Studio (near Goonellabah), and possibly when he is on tour in your city.

Bookings and Enquiries please Phone Sounds Wonderful Office: +61 2 6628 3308 or contact us.